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Celebrating a new little life coming into the world is one of the most impactful moments people experience. You become parents, your parents become grandparents, and this new tiny person gets to experience life. You want to boast about your new status.

The inspiration to start The Little Lemons Company came from the excitement of celebrating new roles as parents and grandparents. After the idea came to our owner to start a business of her own, she needed a name. Since she knew she wanted fun and colorful products, the name of the company needed to match. When she was coming up with ideas, she was pregnant with her son and using an app to measure his growth. Around week 14 of the pregnancy, her baby app said her son was the size of a lemon, and that’s how our company got its name!

We started with personalized name blankets for babies, and as our company grows, we’ve wanted to include new parents, grandparents, siblings, and everyone else that’s special as well. At The Little Lemons Company, we're all about creating high-quality, easy-to-care-for products that are as unique and special as your family! We believe that every family is one-of-a-kind, and that's why we offer products that celebrate your family's individuality in a fun and exciting way. 

There’s nothing more special than being able to easily find a gift that tells your personal story.

We invite you to shop and give gifts with The Little Lemons Company as you commemorate the journey through new parenthood!